When to Schedule Furnace Maintenance Service in Santa Clara

1 декабря, 2023

IRBIS provides high-quality furnace maintenance services in Santa Clara, San Jose, and surrounding areas. Customers often have questions about when to schedule heating maintenance. We’ll provide recommendations on when to schedule a furnace inspection and tune-up and why it’s important to do so.

Schedule Furnace Maintenance in the Fall

Your furnace should be evaluated by a professional before the start of winter. The onset of cooler weather is a good reminder to schedule maintenance. It can help avoid a heater breakdown on one of the coldest days of the year. Maintenance is typically less time-consuming and more cost-effective than emergency furnace repairs.

Here are the top annual furnace tune-up benefits:

  • Costly Repairs Can Be Avoided: A technician can find small problems before they impact a unit’s performance. For example, they can address dirty filters that can strain the system, a faulty pilot light that can lead to safety hazards, or a cracked heat exchanger that can release carbon monoxide.
  • Energy Efficiency Can Be Improved: A developing issue can cause your furnace to work harder and run less efficiently. Therefore, furnace maintenance services in Santa Clara can save on your energy bills. If well-maintained, a heating system can be less costly to run for most of its lifespan.
  • You Can Save on Repair Costs: Cleaning a furnace, lubricating moving parts, and making small fixes and adjustments can prevent major repairs in which you incur the costs of parts and labor. Maintenance may also uphold the terms of the warranty.
  • Airflow and Comfort Are Maintained: Filtration and ventilation issues can restrict airflow and strain your heating system. A technician can resolve these, ensuring your furnace delivers effective heating throughout your home. This may also help the unit last longer.
  • Indoor Air Quality Can Be Improved: Dust, allergens, and fumes can build up in your home if your furnace isn’t cared for. Contamination can have negative impacts on your HVAC system and your health. Regular maintenance can avoid them, plus humidity and moisture issues.

Can I Schedule Furnace Maintenance More Than Once a Year

You can schedule furnace maintenance in the spring and fall if you think it’s necessary. Gas furnaces are more prone to issues related to dirt and soot buildup, air filtration, and pilot/ignition component, fan, and heat exchanger problems. During a tune-up, a technician will go through a checklist that includes each part and safety features. They’ll also inspect gas and electrical connections to determine if any need to be tightened, repaired, or replaced. The short story is there’s no bad time to schedule furnace maintenance service.

Can I Maintain My Own Furnace?

A trained professional should handle the more complex tasks. They have the knowledge, tools, and equipment to find subtle issues and make sure your furnace is working smoothly. However, any DIY furnace winter care guide includes replacing the air filter regularly. Depending on the heater model, type of filter, and your indoor air quality, filters should be replaced every one to three months. 

Keep the area around the furnace clean and clutter-free. Also, make sure room vents aren’t obstructed and are clean; otherwise, heating in some rooms may be restricted, causing them to be cold and uncomfortable. If there are changes in heating performance, check the thermostat. If the actual and set temperatures don’t match, change the batteries, clean dust off the unit, or check wires for signs of damage and call for help if necessary.

What Does a Furnace Maintenance Technician Do?

One of the first steps is to check for wear, corrosion, or damage. The technician will inspect the outside of the furnace for rust or leaks and then open the access panel. They’ll look at the heat exchanger, blower motor, and fan. Safety controls will be tested. Testing amp draw helps identify any electrical issues to fix, while inspecting the vent system helps find blockages or other problems that can affect airflow.

Next, burners, flame sensors, belts, and other parts are examined. They can be cleaned if necessary during a maintenance call. But if a loose belt must be tightened or a faulty burner or sensor must be replaced, it’ll be resolved so there are no issues later. Other important tasks include testing gas pressure, checking for fuel line leaks, and inspecting the thermocouple.

Call IRBIS to Schedule Furnace Maintenance Service in Santa Clara

Using the latest tools and techniques, our technicians can keep your furnace in top shape. Preventative maintenance can avoid costly repairs and extend your heating system’s lifespan. Both heating and cooling maintenance are covered in our annual membership plans. To learn more or schedule professional furnace maintenance services in Santa Clara and surrounding areas, call (669) 266-5464 or book service online.